COVID-19 Precautions

Patient safety is our priority.

Safety first, fun second.

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    Masks are highly encouraged for the OT and  family members during home-based and community-based services

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    Using hand soap and/or hand sanitizer will be required before, during, and after each home-based and community-based session. 

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    Our OT will focus on the toys in your home so they are not shared with other children. If our OT brings in a toy, it will be sanitized before and after.

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    Face-to-face sessions will be rescheduled or transitioned to teletherapy if you have been exposed to COVID-19  or if you live in a  high-risk area .

  • 5.


    Virtual therapy sessions is one of our available services

    Teletherapy removes any contact while guiding your family through real strategies.

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    Our appointment reminder texts include the appointment time, date, and a reminder to cancel if anyone in your home is showing symptoms of illness.

Thank you in advance for considering our community when implementing precautions. Even if you have a healthy family, we work with families that include members with underlying medical conditions.  Please help us take care of each other.


Phone: 540-315-3210 

Fax: 540-566-5149


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