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Social Groups
Inclusive Events

Kidable hosts small group events throughout the year to build social skills. During the school year, social groups occur once a week for five weeks. We also have week-long summer camp opportunities. 

Whether your child is shy or is extra forceful when excited, we have experienced pediatric professionals present to create a comfortable and sensory-rich environment so each child can feel their best and do their best in the social setting.

Social skills addressed in all our groups include:

- Compromising

- Expressing wants and needs

- Respecting boundaries

- Following instructions

- Building frustration tolerance

- Playing with others

- Making friends

- & More!


Registration is open to all members of the community!


You do not need to have a history of any services in the past to participate in the fun :)


Groups are created based on each child's age and developmental level. If your child is outside of the recommended age range, please reach out to discuss if they are a good fit for the group.

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Sensory Play Saturdays/Sundays

Sensory Play Saturdays (Roanoke) and Sensory Play Sundays (Christiansburg) are multi-sensory events hosted once a month.
Each SPS uses play to build sensory, motor, and social skills. 

A goodie bag is included in your registration.


Registration for SPS (ages 5-10); May 20th 10am - Noon

Registration for SPS Junior (ages 3-4); May 20th 10:30am -11:30am

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Mommy & Me

Mommy & Me group led by an SLP + OT duo to encourage development and bonding through play while making mom friends too!


Mommy & Me (ages15-30 months) on May 10th and/or May 21st

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Summer Camp

Our "Build Your Skills" Explore multi-sensory ways to build visual-motor skills that improve reading and handwriting. Each participant will build their own "tool kit" for emotional regulation strategies too!


Build Your Skills (ages 5-8) from July 31st to Aug 3rd, 9am-Noon

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Club Nights

Build skills throughout the year with seasonal clubs that enhance motor and emotional skills in a fun and supportive environment. Club nights are hosted once a week for four weeks. Themes vary for each club.

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