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There is more than one right way to do something.
Let's find the way that works best for your child.

Lauren has morning, evening, and weekend availability so occupational therapy can be provided at your convenience.
Better availability means you don't have to stress about changing your schedule for appointments and Lauren can be there during the times you need the strategies most.
By coming to your home, we can meet goals faster and increase understanding of strategies for the whole family.

Kidable accepts children and young adults of all abilities, including those without a medical diagnosis.
We use play and evidence-based research to help children and young adults live life to the fullest. By considering physical, psychological, social, emotional, and environmental factors, Lauren can help your child function at their highest level possible.

We value your time, financial goals, and family priorities.


Home-based Occupational Therapy

Kidable's OT meets you in the comfort of your own home to provide realistic strategies that work best with your family's resources. Teletherapy is available. Sessions typically last 45-60 minutes.

Evaluation: $200-400* 
discounts available for active plans of care from other facilities

Treatment session: $80-100



Virtual Learning Evaluation

Kidable's OT will come for a three-hour session during the school day to break down tasks and create modifications so that your child can perform better and stay motivated throughout the school day. No occupational therapy evaluation is required.




Kidable Therapy occasionally offers inclusive social groups for children to learn and play together. There are no social groups being offered at this time. Contact Lauren@kidablethearpy.com if you are interested in future opportunities.

Pricing varies.

Inclusive Social Groups

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